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Needwood C of E Primary School

Pupil Leaders

We have children who help us to lead so many areas of school and community life, as well as so many responsibilities in class too! They include:

School Parliament

An important part of our school is our 'School Parliament'.  School Parliament helps us to learn about democracy and British Values, as we all vote for our class reps.  We also vote for our Prime Minister after the candidates have given a speech in worship.  All the children vote and put it in a ballot box in the hall.  The child with the most votes becomes our Prime Minister for the year, and the person with the next number of votes becomes Deputy Prime Minister.  We represent the school, talk about learning and about things we would like to improve.  We also meet visitors and help show people around our lovely school.

Worship Team

Our Worship Team is an essential part of our School.  We have most recently planned, designed and created our new prayer and reflection garden with the help of Jordan and other volunteers.  The worship team helps to run each worship by reading out scriptures and prayers and planning their own worships to deliver to the whole school. In July 2022 the Worship Team went on a Worship Retreat to Dovedale House in Ilam which was kindly funded by the Bishop's Fund. The children had a wonderful time doing activities such as dance worship, a prayer walk, exploring Ilam's church, drama worship and creating painted canvases to represent the Lord's Prayer. 

Eco Ambassadors

The Eco Ambassadors are representatives from each year group who meet with Mrs Buxton to think of ways to care for the environment and the world around us. They are passionate about the ways that they can make a difference to our planet.

Wellbeing Team

The Wellbeing Team has a representative from each year group in school and they meet with Mrs Ward, our SEND Lead to discuss and take action on many things to do with the wellbeing of pupils and adults in our school. 

Playground Leaders

The Playground Leaders have received training to organise activities in zones on the playground and field during lunch times. The children can be identified easily by their maroon coloured peak caps. They ensure that all children are having a lovely playtime and that everyone has someone to play with. They also keep a look-out for children who demonstrate our Fruit of The Spirit values and reward them with stickers.

House Captains

We have four houses at Needwood CE Primary School. They are Byrkley Badgers (blue), Meynell Magpies (red), Lancaster Ladybirds (yellow) and Dunstall Deer (green). Each house has a Y6 House Captain and a Y6 Vice-Captain. These children are responsible for leading and representing their houses in a number of events throughout the year, such as sports day.