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Prayer is and essential part of school life within The Forest Family. 

Opportunities for prayer include:

  • The Prayer stations - children can write a prayer to be shared with the whole school in collective worship
  • Prayer and Reflection areas in each classroom - used in class worship and available to the children for personal use
  • Prayer Cubes / Prayer Books - used in whole school collective worship
  • Prayer areas outside the school - we are developing our prayer spaces outside in our lovely school grounds.


We use the lighting of three candles to teach the children about the Holy Trinity.

We light these candles in the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. 


Saying Grace
We have several versions, some written by the children. 

For what we are about to receive may the Lord make us truly thankful



Saying goodbye and goodnight
We have several versions, some written by chidlren.

Lord keep us safe this night secure from all our fears. May angels guard us through the night til morning light appears