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The Forest Federation

Our Policies

Here is a list of all of the policies and schemes / publications which we hold for The Forest Federation.


Statutory policies required by education legislation and by other legislation which impact on schools.
They are not all policies, some are registers, minutes etc. and documents which are requirements to be made available and are listed in a
lphabetical order.

1. Accessibility plan

2. Admissions arrangements

3. Behaviour principles written statement - see link to left

4. Capability of staff (Performance Improvement) 

5. Central record of recruitment and vetting checks [kept securely in each school]

6. Charging and remissions (including lettings)

7. Child Protection policy and procedures (safeguarding) 

8. Complaints procedure statement (including form)

9. Data Protection

10. Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

11. Equality information and objectives (public sector equality duty) statement for publication / Inclusion

12. Freedom of Information / Privacy Notice employees    / Privacy Notice Pupils

13. Governors' allowances

14. Health, Safety and Wellbeing

15. Instrument of Government

16. Minutes of, and papers considered at, meetings of the governing body and its committees [Available in the the entrance of each school or by request]

17. Register of business interests of the Headteachers' and governors (see Governor page)

18. Register of pupils' admission to school [Maintained in each school office]

19. Register of pupils' attendance [Maintained in each school office]

20. School Behaviour -  see link to left

21. Sex and Relationships Education

22. Special Educational Needs (SEN) 

23. Staff discipline, conduct and grievance (procedures for addressing)

24. Statement of procedures for dealing with allegations of abuse against staff

25. Supporting pupils with medical needs and medicines in school

26. Teacher appraisal Appendix 1 Appendix 2

27. Teachers' pay

NB. For curriculum statement with reading and phonics information, please see curriculum statement below.  


1. Acceptable Use Policy. Pupils. Staff.

3. Accidents

4. Asthma and emergency salbutimol inhaler use

5. Attendance

6 Fundamental British Values 

7. Business continuity and local emergency plans [Business Continuity on request as it has contact details and items that are updated regularly] Localised Business Continuity / Emergency Action Plan

8. CCTV (Rangemore)

9. Debt Recovery

10. Online Safety  / E-Safety
The internet can be a fantastic place for children and young people where they can talk to friends, be creative and have fun. However, just like in the real world sometimes things can go wrong. If you or your child are worried or upset about something which has happened on the internet and you wish to report it, click the CEOP button here. 

11. ICT Security

12. Lettings. All Saints. Needwood.

13. Preventing Extremism
The Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit are encouraging people to report online extremist material. Use this button here if you have seen extremist material online.

14. R.E. (religious Education)

15. Social Networking

16.Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural  / How well the Federation is promoting SMSC document

17. Uniform Expectations

18. Whistle blowing

Addition and Subtraction PPT for Parent information session
Addition Progression
Addition Skills
Subtraction Progression
Subtraction Skills

Multiplication and Division PPT for Parent information session
Multiplication Skills
Multiplication Progression 
Division Skills
Division Progression


Whilst we do not need policies for the following areas, we have guidance documents to support consistent, good practice.

If there is not a link, it is available, where appropriate, upon request.

  1. Anti­bullying (included in school behaviour)
  2. Assessment 
  3. Bereavement
  4. Calculations 
  5. Code of conduct (for Governors and staff)
  6. Collective Worship
  7. Curriculum Statement
  8. Directed Time
  9. Drug Education  (included in curriculum guidelines)
  10. Dyslexia Friendly Classroom
  11. English as an Additional Language (included in curriculum guidelines)
  12. Exclusion of pupils (included in school behaviour)
  13. Extended Schools
  14. Financial Procedures – listed in SFVS
  15. Gifted and Talented / More able (included in curriculum guidelines)
  16. Going Home procedures
  17. Helpers in school / Volunteers
  18. Homework [See individual schools class pages]
  19. Induction guidelines (read in conjunction with large induction book /  pack)
  20. Looked after children (included in curriculum guidelines)
  21. Marking
  22. Non Negotiable classroom environemtn requirements
  23. Pupil Premium (included in curriculum guidelines)
  24. Transition

HR policies we adopt most current document from the LA (we do not print these and view them online) these are available on request. 

  1. Working arrangements e.g. work break, compassionate leave, maternity leave, time off public duties etc.
  2. Disciplinary policy (stat.)
  3. Harassment and bullying
  4. Managing Attendance at work
  5. (MAPP) Maternity, Adoption, Paternity & Parental
  6. Pay policy (stat.)
  7. Performance improvement (stat.) – listed as staff capability by DfE
  8. Performance management (stat.) - listed as appraisal
  9. Volunteering (staff)

Health and safety procedural / information documents


Fire safety

Risk assessments

Alcohol and Substance misuse

Food and Food Safety



Fridge testing



Gym equipment

Violent Incidents


Hazardous substances

Visits – educational

Communicable disease and infection control

Home working

Water Hygiene


ICT security and safety


Critical incidents and business Continuity plan



Display Screen Equipment

Intimate care


Educational Visits

Lone working



Managing stress


Electrical Safety

Manual Handling


Emergency lighting



Emergency Procedures

Offensive weapons


Expectations for use of kitchen area

Physical intervention