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Courageous Advocacy

‘Courageous advocacy’ involves being courageous enough to speak out against injustice, to be 'agents of change'. We encourage our pupils to come together to become informed about issues that people across the world are facing, and to tackle issues, support and educate other people, and to improve both their local community as well as helping to address global problems. 

We have developed of opportunities for courageous advocacy, which naturally link to our two-year rolling programme of our curriculum, to raise awareness of issues affecting people locally or globally, or impacting on the environment. Children will then be able to find ways to share this awareness with others, and as far as possible, help to make a positive difference. Opportunities may be amended or moved to alternative times during the school year to enable staff to be responsive to current issues which arise locally or across the world. Topic and themes are revisited as children move through the school, to build on learning and develop deeper understanding in an age-appropriate way.