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Collective Worship

As Church schools, Collective Worship is an important time during which we can share in celebrating God's love and learning more about our Christian faith.  Through stories, songs, activitiesand prayer, we aim to help the children to develop their spirituality, as well as becoming more understanding of the beliefs of others.

The Christian values we promote through collective worship are important for all of our pupils to learn, whether they come from a Christian background or not.  Parents do have the right to withdraw their children from Collective Worship, but we encourage the involvement of all pupils so that their sense of belonging as a member of our school community can be strengthened.

We are fortunate to be supported by our church community in our Collective Worship.  Clergy and other church members regularly lead worship such as Rev Terry, Rev Richard, Rev Andy, Jordan Lambert and Tim Coltman from Winshill Gospel Hall. 





There are many opportunities for parents, family and friends to join the school in Collective Worship.  These include our weekly Friday Celebrations, during which we present  awards and certificates as well as our special whole school and class led services at school and in Church such as Christmas, Harvest, Mothering Sunday and Easter. We also hold a Federation Carol Service each year where families and staff from both schools come together to worship together at this special Christian time. 

We start our week with a Forest Family worship on Monday afternoon, led by Jordan.  It is great to start the week with both of our schools together!  We have worship in the hall the other days of the week, and finish the week with celebration worship together as a family.  Class led Worship and Festivals such as Christmas and Easter etc. take place and dates for these events can be found in the school events calendar and on weekly newsletters. 

Interactive Worship Songs - Why not sing along?