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Needwood C of E Primary School

Parish Council Representatives

As part of our commitment to educating children about British Values and citizenship we have been learning about the governance of the country and about the democratic electoral process.  Our children have been very lucky to have been able to work with the parish council, and Class 4 in particular have all been able to experience a mock council meeting in class and to hear about the role of the Parish council.

Additionally,  to cement this understanding further the Parish Council opened an invitation for pupil representatives from school to see a real Parish council meeting, allowing them the opportunity to appreciate the role of the school in the local community and to see how they, as local citizens, can impact upon change in the locality and our 4 parish council representatives attended a further formal, meeting which was held on Monday 7th March 2016. Pupil councilors explored and voted on several issues such as parking, litter, dogs in the village, speeding and the park. There are several actions for the children to feed back to peers and to work on before the next meeting.

I was so very proud of the children, they spoke incredibly confidently and the preparation they put in was exceptional, allowing them to discuss with self-assurance at a level which I think Newborough Parish council were pleased with. What a great experience for them and supporting the already super links we have wit our community.  We thank the Parish council for their time and wonderful approach to working with our children.