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Needwood C of E Primary School

Wizzybug Facebook Article

We are thrilled with the lovely article posted by Designability. To view it please click on ttps://

Viyan used to be unable to freely go out and play with the other children at break-times. It meant that he often didn't do a full day at school.

In August he got his Wizzybug from us and... Guess what?

Now he wants to stay full days at school because he can go out in the playground easily and move around as he pleases.

Having Wizzy has meant that his school life has improved no end, as his parents told us:

“Having a Wizzybug has changed Viyan's life for the better. He absolutely loves it.

“He mostly uses it at school and now wants to stay full days as he can now participate with the kids during break times when they go outside.

“He goes to a mainstream school with his sister and they are very disability-friendly. The first day he took the Wizzybug he felt like a king as all the parents and kids lined up as he went past into his class! Now he can get about at school easily.

“He loves going to the supermarket with it, too. Keeps us fit and busy running around with him!”

The family have a ramp installed from the front door to the drive at home which means that Viyan is able to get in and out of the house himself.

Another wonderful story about how Wizzy can change a life.