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Needwood C of E Primary School

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Our read all about it page has pages of wonderful photos of the learning in our school. From September 2019 we will not be adding any further photographs here as we are using the forum of Twitter!  Please join us! 

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  • JCB Girls Engineering Event

    Published 27/06/19

    What a wonderful morning was had by Year 6 girls from both schools at JCB on Thursday. They took part in lots of different   activities including protecting the egg in an impact crash in a model car and creating a structure from marshmallows and spaghetti. They also spoke to pupils who had previously attended the school and are now working in engineering jobs in a range of companies.  They also received a bag of goodies!


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  • Forest Family Games Day

    Published 19/06/19

    We were lucky to be able to go ahead with our Forest Family Games Day which was excellent and we thank Mrs Furniss and the Blessed Robert Sutton partnership and her staff for all of their help, all led by Mrs Pendleton. Our children and families had a wonderful morning celebrating our family of schools and all things sporting! 

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  • Fathers Day Service

    Published 14/06/19

    Our Father’s Day services were wonderful. We are so proud of our children and thankful to our staff for such a lovely service. It was wonderful to see science included in the service as well as a range of cultural references from Peppa Pig to Shakespeare! The speakers and singers were so confident, what a lovely service.


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  • Jordan's Worship

    Published 09/06/19

    Jordan delivered our worship, he told us the story of the Prodigal Son and how our heavenly Father is always there for us and forgives us when we make mistakes. We had some wonderful actors from year 3 help tell the story. We always look forwards to Jordan’s worships.


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  • Funtrition

    Published 07/06/19

    Children, from across the federation have had a full series of lessons called Fun-trition from Premier sport a part of our healthy living and minds drive. This has been a cross-curriculum based programme that has taught food education. And  additionally, our y6s have had mindfulness sessions in preparation for their exam stress and learnt strategies as to how to manage SATS and future pressures such as school exams.

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  • Multi skills at John Taylor

    Published 06/06/19

    Wow! What a fabulous afternoon we have had at the multi skills event run by the sports ambassadors. The children enjoyed taking part in a range of activities including. Well done Reception, Year 1 and 2 at Needwood and Year 1 and 2 at Rangemore. We had a brilliant time, thank you to all the staff and volunteers which pulled this event together.

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  • Drug Educcation as part of Safety week

    Published 28/05/19

    During safety week, year 5 and 6 children had  a session which culminated their drug education. We have been learning about the circulatory system this half term and the session helped us to link the threats from the social choices we can make to the damage that can be done to our bodies.  We were really impressed with the knowledge in the class and their ability to appreciate why people may make choices that can be dangerous.  Hopefully the session, which engaged and interested the whole of our year 5 and 6, will have a lasting impact to keep our children safe and help them with future challenges.



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  • Bikability

    Published 19/05/19

    Children at both schools enjoyed their bikability sessions ensuring they have excellent and safe road and cycling skills.


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  • Think Tank

    Published 02/05/19

    What a fantastic day The Forest Family had at the Think Tank. Children behaved impeccably and really enjoyed all the hands on, team work activities throughout the museum.

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  • Easter Service

    Published 12/04/19

    Our Easter Services were magical, they were well attended and children had a wonderful time singing, sharing their art work, telling the Easter story, reading scripture and prayers.


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  • Jordan delivers our worship!

    Published 10/04/19
    Jordan came in to deliver our worship on Monday. He told us how the story of Easter links to new life in the spring time and how Jesus saved us from all of our guilt and embarrassment.
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  • Dance Worship at St Augustine‚Äôs, Draycott in the Clay

    Published 10/04/19
    We were fortunate enough to attend a dance worship which was held by St Augustine’s Academy. One of our worship team from each school attended with Mrs Jones and Mrs Rees to bring some ideas back about introducing dance worship in our schools.
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