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All Saints C of E Primary School

Outstanding School

All Saints’ Church of England (C) Primary School is an ‘Outstanding’ school

It is with immense and delighted pleasure that we are able to share with you our inspection grading and report from our OFSTED inspection which was held at the beginning of July. We thank the whole staff team, children and families for their hard work over the last few years in order to show a trajectory of excellence which has enabled us to achieve an OUTSTANDING grade, this is the highest OFSTED achievement and we are very happy, thankful and proud.

The report is 10 pages long, 7 of which is a written evaluation of our school. It is an outstanding report with so many positive statements so we have selected a flavour of quotes to share from the 4 main areas of inspection:

About your children

“Pupils have exceptionally positive attitudes to learning. They are keen to succeed and take great pride in their work.” Pupils thoroughly enjoy learning and make rapid progress across the school.”

“Pupils told the inspector that they correct their work because it ‘helps us to learn more.’

“Pupils’ behaviour in lessons and around the school is impressive. They are extremely polite and courteous to one another and adults.”

“Pupils play extremely well together.” “Pupils really enjoy their learning. They are continually inquisitive and ask questions because they are so keen to learn. They want to do their very best. The inspector saw many examples of pupils persevering with challenging work. Pupils appreciate the praise they receive and are very proud of their learning.”

“Pupils enjoy their sports lessons, they all participate and the proportion attending after-school clubs is very high.”

About leadership:

”The executive headteacher and governing body have been highly successful in addressing the issues from the last inspection. Their relentless drive to improve standards has led to rapid improvements in teaching, learning, behaviour and outcomes for the pupils currently in the school. Leaders are very committed to providing a highly inclusive school where every pupil is valued and supported to achieve their best, no matter what their ability or background.” “The executive headteacher is extremely well supported by the deputy headteachers and other leaders. All have equally high expectations of pupils and are committed to providing the very best education for all groups of pupils. They carefully monitor the progress of pupils, providing prompt and highly effective support for any pupil who starts to fall behind in their learning.” “Leadership of the early years is strong. The leader is passionate about providing the best possible start for every child and is extremely knowledgeable about assessment requirements and planning work that suits the needs of     individual children…” “The governors have a breadth of skills and experience and use them exceptionally well to support and challenge school leaders. Governors’ and leaders’ ambitions for pupils are equally high and they are committed to ensuring that all pupils receive the highest quality teaching…”

About teaching:

”Teaching over time is leading to outstanding outcomes for pupils currently in the school. Work in pupils’ books and the school’s progress information shows that pupils currently in the school are making   outstanding progress. This is because teachers have high expectations of pupils; they want them to succeed. Pupils are encouraged to challenge themselves in their learning and teachers provide the support pupils need to move on to more difficult work. The relationships between teachers and pupils are very positive.” ”Teachers have excellent subject knowledge and they use this exceptionally well to question pupils in order to check their understanding and deepen their learning. Pupils who demonstrate a good understanding are quickly moved on to the next task.” ”Teaching assistants are very well trained, highly skilled and effective in their role. They work in close partnership with teachers and have a good understanding of the requirements of the pupils they support.” “Teachers show a passion for the subjects they teach.” “The federation  arrangements allow staff in both schools to learn from one another.”

About personal development, behaviour and welfare:

“Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is exceptionally well catered for.” “The school  provides a very secure learning environment, which enables pupils to flourish and develop into self-assured and confident young people.” “Behaviour in the playground and dining hall is exemplary.” ”Pupils’ behaviour in lessons is exceptionally good. Their enthusiasm for learning is obvious. ….. When working in groups or individually, pupils concentrate very well on their work.” “The school is fully inclusive and all pupils are taught to value and respect one another. Pupils agree that the school helps them to be friendly towards one another, describing the school as being ‘a team because we all work together.’ Parents agree. ‘The inclusive ethos is about older children taking responsibility for making younger children feel included. It works.’ reflects a typical parent comment.”

We hope that you enjoy reading our report and share our fabulous new widely